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I am a mother who works full-time but who is also a chauffer, chef, seamstress, fitness instructor, teacher, maid, gardener, runner, organization expert, salesperson, secretary and wife. I love my family and life is always busy but fun! Come along with me for the ride:-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stress, Work, Kids & Life !

I was off Monday due to the Columbus Day Holiday. I intended to go to a movie by myself but got caught up in organizing kids' clothes, the house, etc. I felt better & like I got something accomplished but then........
Good ol' Satan crept in yesterday and today. After a meeting last night, I had a headache. I went to bed but did not rest well - actually forgot that I was supposed to make cupcakes for a wedding shower at work :-( Can you say Kroger Red Velvet Cake run at 7 o'clock this morning ?!?

Then, I showed something I had done to my manager who disagreed with my viewpoint on a review, made me redo it and then discuss the change with the employee. He took it well considering that he is sort of emotional & tends to depress over things. I really like this employee & hated to change the review but in a way she was right. It stressed me enough that the headache returned.

I did the right thing & went to church and have prayed myself well ! I feel better about everything and plan to go to sleep early to get some rest !


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