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I am a mother who works full-time but who is also a chauffer, chef, seamstress, fitness instructor, teacher, maid, gardener, runner, organization expert, salesperson, secretary and wife. I love my family and life is always busy but fun! Come along with me for the ride:-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday

  • Rain - GLORIOUS rain!  We went from days of no rain and needing it desperately - to getting a LOT of it.  We sure needed it so I'm not complaining.  Those first few days of clouds that gave you about five minutes of rain seemed like Mother Nature was just being mean and  teasing us.  Sure glad she followed through with the good wet stuff.

  • Chick Fil-a cows!!!  Friday, July 13th, Chick Fil-a is giving away either an entree or a meal to anyone who comes in a cow costume.  If you have a full costume, you get the meal.  If you have a partial costume or cow accessory, you get the entree.  My girls and our sitter had a blast today making cow costumes.  I have to say that I think I will have the cutest cows at the Brandon Chick Fil-a!  Happy Chicken Eating!!!

  • I have a 2008 Buick Enclave (see above picture).  In mid-June, someone side swiped the front right fender in a parking lot so it's in the shop.  I am now driving a Chevrolet Malibu.  Great car but I feel 80 years old because it takes effort to get out of it LOL.  The person who hit me wasn't nice enough to leave a name and number or at least an apology so I filed a hit-and-run claim on my insurance.  I was a State Farm client for 25 years and switched to Progressive Insurance two years ago.  State Farm is certainly not what they used to be - no customer service, no knowledgeable & caring claims adjusters, etc.  Progressive is WONDERFUL - just like Flo says on TV :-)  Process couldn't have been easier and I am so thankful.  If you're looking for a new company, please call them for a quote - my monthly premium is over $40 cheaper than it used to be - with great service to boot!!


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