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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well...You Should See the Other Guy !

School started this week. Both girls seem to have great teachers. Rankin County Schools have changed some of the learning curriculum this year - no Accelerated Reading! They read a lot in class and go to the library as well as learning many things. It makes it hard for the teachers to easily work in AR goals and then have 20 or so children vying for the computer in order to take the AR tests to earn points.

Cassie is in fourth grade and seems to be looking forward to this year. I am amazed at what they teach in public school now at such a young age. They learn things in elementary school that my generation learned in 9th grade and up. Also, public schools seem to teach some things much earlier than in other curriculums taught in some of the local private schools. Her teacher, Mrs McCarty is young and seems to enjoy teaching.

Bailee is in a newly built school which is technologically advanced. The entire school has iMac Notebooks (wireless) for each room, the computer room and the library. Open house was wonderful and her teacher, Mrs Liberto is on-the-ball. She emailed me the first day of class - talk about communication ! I've never had a teacher just email me out of the blue.

THEN - she scared me today. She called me and said "Bailee had a little accident today". I envisioned having to take clothes up to the school because she forgot to go potty or because she dropped something on herself. However, she fell in the cafeteria and centered her eye on a table. No one pushed her - she tripped. She cried, got some TLC and ice and was okay but they wanted me to know what had happened. She was a trooper but tonight she cried and said it was hurting and stinging. From the time it happened until I picked her up at after school care around 5:30, it became blacker and puffier. I expect it to be darker tomorrow. See pictures below. It is officially our first black eye and no fight was involved....except you should see the other guy :-)


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