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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Year So Far In Thought

Those of you who know me know I'm strictly conservative and very logical in my views. I listen lately to "In The Fight" with Matt Friedeman on the way home everyday. As opinionated as he is and as much as he aggravates me, I agree with his views on this year's Presidential election. Barack Obama really concerns me. He comes out of no where inviting "change" after saying we live in the greatest nation of the world. He is linked to Islams, is pro-abortion (even those on full-term babies) and is pro-homosexuality.

I live in the good ole' South but I do not believe I am racist in any way. Every Democrat says that those who don't like him are racist but he is half white - so I think that is a non-issue. He stands for everything a Christian is against, has done nothing noteworthy during his brief time in office and he thinks he's qualified to be president.

Susan Surandon said today or yesterday that if McCain is elected she will leave the US (sounds familiar you Alec Baldwin fans??) - I wish I could leave if he's not elected. The world is really crazy and the US is at the top of the crazy list if you look at how society in the US has downfallen.

People are intolerant of Christianity but expect us to be okay with same sex marriages, public displays of affection, hatred remarks against religion, murdering innocent children, etc.

Food for thought - I pray more nowadays than I ever have.....................


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