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I am a mother who works full-time but who is also a chauffer, chef, seamstress, fitness instructor, teacher, maid, gardener, runner, organization expert, salesperson, secretary and wife. I love my family and life is always busy but fun! Come along with me for the ride:-)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Never Say Never......REALLY ???

Never say NEVER.....and I'm not talking Justin Bieber either.  I didn't even know that he had a song with that title until I tried to find a graphic with the words.  What you see above is pretty much all I could find without his face on it.  And I certainly didn't want him on here - don't like him, don't like his music (he can't sing) and I don't like who he's slowly becoming.  However, I digress.....

So far, 2013 has been a huge year of changes - most of them for the better.  But one lesson I've learned is that you should never say never - because you will eat your words every time:-)

My personal "Never Say Never" was leaving my seven year job at one financial institution to return to the financial institution where I previously worked.  The exact words had left my mouth - "I wouldn't go back if they doubled my salary".  Well, I went back - yep - ate my words.  Granted I didn't get my salary doubled but I am now eleven miles closer to home so the new lower cost of gas is a raise in and of itself.  Kinda nice to fill up once a week instead of every 4 days. 

God seems to always know what's best - so those sentences that we say that start with "I will NEVER" are mute.  Because He will show you at some point that, yes you most certainly WILL do that thing you think you won't.  When you're stressed and worried (as I have been about a few things for a while), you so easily forget that you have got to turn it over to God.  Pray, read His word and try to make sound, logical decisions - the RIGHT decisions.  If you have a heart for prayer and a relationship with God, then listen for his answer.  It is there but sometimes you have to really listen to hear it.

Secondly, you may not like his direction.  For instance, I LOVED the workplace I just left.  I had a great manager over me and had a great team working for me.  I didn't want to leave!  But God's answer was not only an answer to my question of whether or not to take the offer presented to me - but when I really thought about it, it was the answer to the worries I'd been praying about. 

Now that I'm three weeks into my decision, I feel at peace.  My new team is great - they are excited to have me there and I am excited to be there.  In addition, everyone else in the organization has been so very welcoming and helpful.  The company is vastly different than when I left seven years ago, and in a wonderful way.  And, my leaving the other institution has opened up so many doors for a few people there and they will do great things with their new opportunities as well.

I hope that if you have something you're worried about or having to make a difficult decision on, that you'll dwell on this post.  I also hope that you listen and hear the answer  God is sending you.  It's there - yes, it's really there.  But you have to stop the worrying and really sit quietly and listen.  You'll hear it and you'll be amazed at how perfect His will is for you.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 Things Thursday!

1.  Haven't been here since fall of last year.  I have read many books but none that require me to blog about them on my other site Molly's Book Corner .  However I am back at it again and you'll see reviews on a more frequent basis.  Part of my absence on that site has been due to getting a Kindle Fire for Christmas but I've been too busy to find out what the book format is so that I can download publisher books directly for review. 

2.  We are glad school is almost out at our house.  The girls are doing great in school this year - Bailee is finishing fifth grade and Cassie is finishing seventh.  Cassie has Pre-AP English and Pre-Algebra as well as science, social studies, computer, etc.  Next year she will be in advanced classes as well again.  So proud of her.
Bailee has really enjoyed the Venture program this year.  They have made robots and entered a robot competition - she LOVED this.  Tinkering with the robots and working the electronics seems to be her niche :-)  She and I also went to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.  I learned many things I didn't know about the US and Russian space programs.  I can see her being in space one day as well.

3.  Work is crazy - add my other duties to that (chauffer, cook, maid, teacher, psychologist, seamstress, etc) and I wonder when I sleep.  However, I've had some eye openers recently that have taught me the importance of slowing down and taking care of myself.  I am running again (after being "too busy" to do so) and I am thinking of making some major changes in other areas as well.  More to come on that!

Have a wonderfully Blessed week and Keep the Faith!


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