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I am a mother who works full-time but who is also a chauffer, chef, seamstress, fitness instructor, teacher, maid, gardener, runner, organization expert, salesperson, secretary and wife. I love my family and life is always busy but fun! Come along with me for the ride:-)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pooped Out On Friday !


This is Bailee within two minutes of saying "I'm so sleepy and turning away from the Harry the Potter movie on TV at 10:15 pm." Cassie is still watching it with her fingers in her ears. You know how it is - never mind what you watch as long as you don't hear it, it's okay.

I was off this week for Columbus Day - cleaned out closets, decorated house, made a typical aggravating trip to Walmart & Kroger, then home again. Wednesday, the girls were out of school - Teacher work day. I took off too. I had their pictures made, Cassie had an Orthodontist appointment and we just hung out together. I took them to a new portrait studio, Portrait Innovations, in the new Renaissance mall in Ridgeland. Great place - wonderful photos, GREAT prices, you leave right then with your pictures and they also give you a CD of every pose. I will post more pictures later.

Tomorrow I will be participating in the Breast Cancer Walk in Jackson. Very worthy cause - I look forward to it. I will post pictures from the even too.

I'm off !

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