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Thursday, December 11, 2008

White Christmas (Almost) in Mississippi!

Last night it rained ALL NIGHT - then turned to sleet and snow today. It went in a counterclockwise motion around Jackson to the east and into my home, Rankin County. My hometown, Brookhaven, is south of here and some areas got up to seven inches there. I went to work, took the girls to school - only to have the school call and ask that they be picked up. In the a.m. commute, there were so many wrecks. Mississippi drivers do not apparently believe they should slow down in rain and sleet conditions. You fly, you pay :-)

Jeff picked up the girls & I worked until 4:00 p.m. That's right - banks are like the US Postal Service - "neither rain, snow, etc. will stop us". I will post a few pictures of our front yard and the girls below. It would be great if we could just get this stuff, that it would stick and NOT include ice.

Later chickies.

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