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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Jesus Book


The statement on the front of The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins is true. It is “the ultimate who, what, when, where and why book” about Jesus. It is broken down into chapters that cover those exact topics (who, what where, when and why) and the chapters are broken down into short stories that are easy to understand and fun to read. The book includes a CD of wonderful children’s hymns for your child to listen to and sing with.
I no longer have smaller children but I would have used this book when my children were younger. The pictures are beautiful and match each story. Not only is this a good book for daily devotional reading but it is a great tool to keep for those questions that children often ask unexpectedly. This book uses stories from both the Old Testament and New Testament so it also gives a very comprehensive and complete picture of Jesus’s entire life – including the prophecies leading up to his birth.
I would recommend this book for any new parents – and even for Grandparents to keep in their libraries for when grandchildren visit. You will not be disappointed!

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