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Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Outlook on Life!

About two months ago, Bailee asked me spontaneously if she would have to get glasses if things were sometimes blurry. After a few "tests" with signs in the restaurant we were in and a few questions, I made her an eye appointment which we went to this week. Given that I'm quite blind (prescription is -13.75), I was rightfully worried. I also thought that maybe she wanted glasses because her good friend, Madison, had gotten them.

Well she was not kidding! She is by no means as near sighted as her mom, but she got glasses. Jeff and I had begun to notice her squinting and her teachers said they noticed that she squinted at the board (realized this after I asked them about it).

She got her new glasses today and is amazed at how much better she can see! And, if you will notice how smart and cute she looks in her glasses, you will ask yourself what I did...."who said redheads can't wear pink ??".

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