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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Last night was the Brandon Christmas Parade - it was cold and it SNOWED while we were at the parade. The girls had a blast and as the parade progressed, it snowed even more heavily. We woke up to a beautiful white outside today. After getting wet and cold last night, we went out again and got wet and cold again! Last year it snowed on December 12th, this year on December 4th and it's the earliest snow Mississippi has had since the 1930's. I bet Al Gore is not liking the cold snow - kinda makes the Global Warming thing look stupid right now.

We made the girl's first true snowman - last year it was about 12" tall on the trampoline. This year, Jeff, the girls & our neighbor's kids made a 4 foot one. Last night, another neighbor's son was out making one at 11:30 in the snowfall. Snow is so rare here that the kids are over the moon with energy even though they should be dead tired from a late night last night.

Here are a few pictures - Merry Christmas !

The first one is across the street and you can see Chandler's Midnight Snowman.

Jeff and all the kids are rolling snow for our snowman in the picture below.

Our Snowman is below - complete with green pepper eyes, carrot nose and a handrawn mouth :-)

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