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Thursday, January 7, 2010

And The Verdict Is............

I can only believe that 2010 is destined to get better with each day. This first week has not been fun so far. In Mississippi, it is colder than normal - and I mean FREEZING, DAMP, BONE-CHILLIN' COLD!! The present temperature is in the 30's. It will be in teens tonight after raining all day in Mid-Mississippi making for some driving fun in the morning I'm sure. I am taking my laptop home just in case school is cancelled and I have to work from home. We have had four doctor's appointments this week too. NOTE: This is highly unusual because we are almost never sick.

On Monday I had an MRI on my wrist because I injured it in October / November and it's not any better. I had to lay on my stomach for 30 minutes with my arm stretched out as far as it would go - I sort of felt like a rubber doll that a child is abusing, you know what I mean? Pull here - pull some more and then pull some MORE because the doll won't cooperate. Once they pulled me as long as my 5'2" self would stretch, the 30 minute test began. After 20-25 minutes, the tech voiced into the machine (you wear earplugs because of the loud noises the machine makes) and told me I would have to stay 5-10 minutes longer because one of my scans was "blurry" - and to "lie still and stop moving". My answer was that I was numb from my armpit down so how was I to know when I was moving ?!? Apparently I was still the second time because they let me up. I had to sit there for a few minutes until I could feel my upper body again. My wrist also began hurting continuously like it did originally when I injured myself.

Tuesday - I had a dental appointment. Then this morning Cassie had an orthodontist appointment only to be told she has to keep growing some teeth before they can advance to her outside wire. Needless to say she was not happy - I've never seen a child want braces so much!

Finally, I went to the orthopedic today. I have a torn TFC - I have no idea what that stands for but I am so glad to know that I am truly injured and not just getting OLD. They gave me an injection and a new brace. The doctor told me - and I quote - "that one the MEA clinic gave you is basically a piece of X&%$" (you can fill in the blank). Good to know that the one I've worn for two months has not really helped me at all.

I am to wear the brace all the time, ice my wrist, do no heavy lifting and take ibuprofen as needed for a month. If it's not better, I go back. If it is - then it's okay to begin using it slowly. However, it could flare up at any given time in the future and require my return which was not what I wanted to hear. I was also told that Laproscopic exploratory and repair surgery could be in my future at some point but that I really probably wanted to do all of this before going that route.

The moral of my injury (and some of you have heard this) - is to never beat your kids with your bare hands.....JK. I really hurt it in late September / early October dragging around a LARGE suitcase by my cheap, frugal self in Las Vegas. I am independent and stubborn to a fault - just ask Jeff or my co-workers. It got better until I swatted at Bailee's leg in a restaurant bathroom to get on to her in mid-November. She moved, I hit her at an awkward angle with my left hand, something snapped and I instantly felt SHARP pain. The doctor said that I probably already had a small tear that was torn much bigger with the swat at her leg. See - the moral may be true??? He said to use a wooden spoon next time instead ;) And, yes - he really said that.

In Mississippi, doctors tell you how to spank your kids. In other states, they would have called DHS and I would have been arrested and taken to jail without a hot or a brace and told to suffer though it.

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