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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

I hope a fellow blogger doesn't mind but I stole that title --she posts three things every Thursday. Me? I can only do one Thursday at a time and hope I remember next Thursday.....maybe!

1. You know it's a good day when you get up on time, your kids get up on time and your husband actually wakes up at the same time you do. And it's really a good day because your kids have been ill-mannered lately due to the family being so busy, your hubbie is NOT a morning person (no Moncrief-born person is apparently) and there are no wrecks between you and work which is 25 miles away.

2. The start of something new today---I began filgrastim shots today in preparation for a PBSC procedure on Monday. I will have two shots for five days straight with possible side effects such as bone aching, headaches, etc - like having the flu. Google the drug to find out more. I have been told repetitively that I have to be sure to "take good care" of the remainder of the drug which is in my refrigerator. At $1,000 per dose per day, I told them I would guard it with my life LOL :-) For those of you wondering, I am a marrow donor match for a 46 year old mother of two children who has leukemia. This is her last hope---I am her last hope. I figure that with all she has been through and all that she is going to go through, I can stand 10 shots over a five day period. Lord knows that if I were her, I would want someone to be a match and donate for me so that I could live to see my children grow up. So if you're my friend or family member and I seem out of sorts over the next few days, don't take it personally - it's because I don't feel so great and I've been sort of emotional over the entire thing.

3. What do you do if YOU want to become a donor? AND, I sincerely hope that some of you seriously consider signing up. Go to and register. You will receive a cheek swab kit that creates your DNA on the registry. If you are ever a match, they will contact you for a full blood test. Then you wait to see if you are chosen as the closest donor. My recipient is in the United States - and I believe she is out of state because the coordinator mentioned having to line up airline flights and a hotel reservation for the courier who is coming in person to pick up my donation on Monday. The courier basically has to keep my donation with him or her at all times until they arrive at the recipients location so that she can receive it immediately.

LAST NOTE please pray for the recipient and her family. They have been through so much. I will receive a 30-day update and updates throughout the next year. After a year, if all goes well, the recipient and I can exchange information. I hope that next March I am blogging to tell everyone that I talked to her and that she is healthy once again :-)

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