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Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Things Thursday

Short & sweet again - I have to get to work to check email before a meeting that lasts most of the day.

1. Crow's Neck Fun - Monday and Tuesday, I was with Bailee's third grade Venture class in the middle of nowhere called Crow's Neck Environmental Education Center outside of Tishomingo, MS. It is in the northeast corner of the state and is a wonderful facility that, unfortunately, too many people do not know about. Go here to read more about it: Crow's Neck. We took two buses but the next morning I wondered where the second bus had gone. Found out the drivers took one bus to drive 35 miles away to stay at a hotel in Booneville which shows how far out we were. Wonderful experience for the children in the RCS gifted program.

2. Favorite Time of the Year - As our federal government has tried to reach a "budget" deal (I use the term budget loosely), it is also tax season. The title of this #2 is actually written as sarcasm. You totally understand if you or your spouse is self-employed :-( There are tons of people who are committing income tax refund fraud around our nation. The IRS does not have many checks in place to prevent this fraud and I don't know how they could catch them. But it sort of ticks me off that they can't get them - especially when I sit here ready to write a check at some point to pay my taxes. If you get any type of refund - don't complain - at least you get one. I just had to vent a little about that. However, I can tell you that the IRS customer service has improved by a ton over the years. I have had to call them on several occasions over the last 9 months and everyone is very helpful, willing to listen and answer questions, etc. That is more than I can say about Comcast customer service (ready my earlier posts about that LOL).

3. School's Almost Out - and I am ready this year as much Cassie is. Bailee would probably go year round if she could. Some of you have read that I've had issues this year with some things - for the first time in six years. It doesn't help that the school system has recently been in the news with some contractor issues. The scary statement in this article Pinestraw Missing is the one that says "Pickering says he expects additional arrests." What happened to audits, following up on complaints for school lawns not being taken care of, etc? I see $$ signs going out the door to unknown places and it's my tax money. Let me state emphatically that I love public schools and that this issue could happen anywhere (for those of you who think private schools are the only way to go), but nobody takes care of business any more with morals, with work ethic, with a giving attitude. It's shameful. Enough said.

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