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I am a mother who works full-time but who is also a chauffer, chef, seamstress, fitness instructor, teacher, maid, gardener, runner, organization expert, salesperson, secretary and wife. I love my family and life is always busy but fun! Come along with me for the ride:-)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Questions in The Quiet

Do you ever ride home from work in the car WITHOUT the radio on? I treasure quiet time lately. Work is noisy, people are noisy, the TV is noisy - so sometimes I turn off the radio and ride in silence. When one does that, it's amazing the things you ask yourself. I certainly don't have answers but here are some of the ramblings I have come up with lately.

Priorities - does anyone ever really have their priorities in the right order? It's hard! Do you live JOY-----the order of God? Jesus, Others, then Yourself? I get the last two in the right order but sometimes the Jesus part gets between or even after the other two. Do you do the same thing?

Your children - do you let your children be themselves (yet mind the rules)? Or are you reliving your childhood desires through your children? Is your life go, go, go all the time? If most children were asked, they would just prefer to be home with family and friends. Do you push them into every activity - ball, cheer, dance, soccer, scouting, every party they are invited to? Do you ever forego church or school or family time to do those things? If you do that, sit down and ask them what they really want - and listen!! My girls know that they are allowed to choose one outside activity per year. It's been a choice that has been a Blessing for my family.

Your parents (or extended family) - do you call them or see them as often as you'd like? Or do you let activities get in the way? I am so guilty of this but not for the reasons one would think. Family issues and conflicts get in the way on one side of the family - and distance of driving gets in the way on the other side. BUT, our parents (those who are still living) will not be here forever and time with them should be cherished - and that grandparent time is a blessing to your children as well.

Church - do you neglect going to church because of other things? There is a family at my church who drives one+ hour each Sunday to worship because they do not have a similar church near them. I drive 20 miles or so to church each Sunday. A family member who does not regularly attend services was appalled (yes, can you believe appalled?) that I drive that far because they thought 10-12 miles was too far to go where they used to worship. It's NOT too far - it's all in priorities and my priority is worship every Sunday.

Dinner - how many nights per week do you and your family sit down and eat together? I'm not talking about being home together and somehow everyone eating at some point between washing clothes, homework, lawnwork, etc. I mean sitting down all at the same time, NO TV, eating and talking about your day? Do you say the Blessing as a family? Or are you too rushed to remember to thank God for the food that HE has provided? We may have worked and gotten paid but God provided:-)

Those are just a few of my ramblings. Try sitting in the quiet sometime - in the car if that's where it has to be. It's amazing what you will dwell on and how your mind will gravitate towards some things. It just might change your life - or at least your outlook on life. Quiet is good for the soul, the mind and for your ears.

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