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Friday, September 12, 2008

School & Sin City - What a Combination!

I promised a new post after school started but, despite my best intentions, I've been too busy :-) The girls are doing well in school. Progress reports were sent out this week and we are all A's so far. Cassie is being taught a new type of math, Everyday Math. It is learning math by applying it to everyday situations. The third grade is a big adjustment as I had heard - the children are made to be more responsible. Her teacher is right out of college and very gung-ho about teaching so that is inspiring to the kids too. Doesn't help that she is young and cute too. Bailee is eager to learn as always. She is reading well into the first grade level and has gotten "on green" every day. Maybe she is learning to control that little "redheaded" temper. Here is a picture of their first day of school.

Two weeks ago, Cassie was Star Student of the week. She got to bring home Speckles, the class mascot. He spent the weekend with us and went to the girls book club and rode bikes with Cassie (see picture below). We took pictures and she got to make a page for the class scrapbook so everyone could see and read about Speckles adventures. I think he had a great time at the Moncrief hotel - I know the girls had fun with him. He even rode to church with us!

As shown by the next picture, the girls were totally exhausted every evening the first few days of school. I think this picture is from the second week of school. They have gotten used to the time changes - getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, etc. Bailee will still fall asleep while waiting on dinner at night but not so often.

I also went to Las Vegas for a conference this week. I stayed at the Paris Hotel which was a very nice hotel. Funny thing about all the casino hotels. You have to go through the casino to check in - they want to get you gambling right off the bat I guess :-) I went to see LOVE, the Cirque de Soleil that is set to Beatles music. There is less acrobatic entertainment but more drama and music. I sat very close to the front - it was great. I also went to the opening night of the new Donny & Marie show at the Flamingo. Surprisingly, it was not as dorky / goofy as their old TV show. They both sing well and they had dancers (they danced too). I can honestly say that it was really good. My last night there, I went to the top of the half-scale Eifel Tower that is in the Paris Hotel. Here are two picture from up there - one of the Bellagio Hotel and one of their water fountains that dance to music. As you see - Vegas has LOTS of lights and is very flat.

I am still recuperating from jet lag so I'm off to a bubble bath! More later,


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