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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day and Anniversary Gifts

If you asked me years ago if I wanted an appliance for a present from my husband, I would give you the typical new wife answer - NO!! As you get older (and maybe wiser), you begin to ask for things you need but never buy for yourself - especially if you have children and buy for them all the time. You just put yourself last.

I asked for a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas - got diamond earrings. Love my earrings but really wanted that vacuum cleaner. I have owned a Rainbow vacuum cleaner for over 13 years. It works great and is in good shape considering how long it's been used and has had not repairs. However, I am so very tired of putting it together, filling it with water, vacuuming while dragging it throughout the house, emptying the canister, taking it apart, storing it, etc. You get my drift. It's not that I'm too old.....I just don't have the time or patience. As a result, my floors usually get swept instead.

Well - I didn't get a vacuum for Valentines or Mother's Day either - got a present for each but again, NO VACUUM. So - yesterday I bought myself a Memorial Day present. Here it is! The Dyson DC 25.

It works great and I love the ball's swivel action. I vacuumed tonight and you won't believe what it picked up. Hopefully that is not any indication of my sweeping abilities. I am now a true convert. Not to mention that when I need Cassie or Bailee to vacuum, they can easily plug it in and go:-) Talk about a bit help.

I could have left my Rainbow out all the time to make it easier to use, but I absolutely dispise clutter and would never dream of leaving it out. The OCD part of me would go absolute insane.

Now, I can just roll my Dyson into the closet and then roll it out when I want to use it. I know that you're thinking what a ridiculous post this is but I'm the happiest woman on earth right now.

I am donating the Rainbow this weekend and some other woman will be the happiest woman on earth as a result because she'll have always wanted one, couldn't afford it and she'll get it for a steal from Goodwill.

Life is ggguuuuuudddd.

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