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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No More Babies !

We had Bailee's 7th birthday party this past Saturday. Her actual birthday is not until July 6th but we had her party early. The 4th is this weekend and people will either be with family or on vacation. The next weekend they would be coming back from vacation so we opted for an early celebration.

She had a blast at Pump It Up with cousins and friends. I will post pictures later. When opening her presents, she received some 18" doll clothes from a classmate named Jack - he LOVES parties and his mom has told me he stresses that the birthday child will love his present the best. I think he got his wish this year. When she saw his present, Bailee said, "Jack, I just loooovvveee you!". He was embarrassed but I saw a smile, none-the-less. The first thing she did later when we got home was change Mia's clothes to her new outit. It did not matter that it was tights, skirt, long sleeved shirt and a fuzzy vest :-) It was a hit.

Her present from mom and dad was a new bike! It is a Hannah Montana bike and the handle bars are high and wide like a Harley.

Pictures coming soon - off for now.

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