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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball


I will admit I was unsure about the fact that this is a Christian fiction book that involves wizards and fairy tales. However, Chronicles of Narnia has a very Christian message and C S Lewis has the same elements in his books but at a much deeper level.

This book is a fun read, full of surprises and full of a wonderful underlying message - that Christ forgives us and that we are to forgive others. We may not agree with what they do in their lives but they deserve our love and our time - hopefully one day our example will help them become Christians as well.

Cora Crowder has left behind a very difficult childhood and her very un-Christian family. She is devoted to her job and "living" a good life. However, she has missed one fundamental thing about being a Christian - that you are to demonstrate your love for Christ and others to everyone - even if it is your own unlovable, hurtful family.

She receives a ticket to a Christmas Ball that begins to result in changes in her life that she, at times, is not ready for - but she has to adjust and go with the flow and the end result is worth all of the headache, worry and frustration. Along the way she meets some very unusual characters and people - and also finally meets a co-worker, Simon Derrick and his special sister, Sandy. She has worked with and for him for five years, but never really got to know him.

This is their story and you will enjoy seeing how Cora's eyes are opened to the possibility that there may just be more to life than avoiding her family and that maybe she has not really yet lived.

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