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Friday, February 25, 2011

Divine Appointments


By Charlene Ann Bumbich

This book centers on Josie Brooks, a 47 year old single woman, who begins to realize that her job is not as enjoyable as she has always thought it to be. Her life is very structured and organized but and organization is the key to her job success. However, the economy and life as she knows it begin to change and the order she so loves begins to become not-so-orderly. Throw in hot flashes which can befuddle your brain and you can immediately get where the author is going with Josie's story. As this happens, she begins to re-evaluate her life, her choices and her future. She begins to crave friends (didn't have so many before) and intimacy (not the sexual kind - the "getting to know people better" kind). There were some elements that just didn't flow well such as the snow globe with powers (that seems to represent the Holy Spirit speaking to Josie). This is in the "Snow Globe" series but a THING with powers just doesn't fit with a Christian fiction book in my opinion. The Holy Spirit and God speak to your heart in mysterious ways but something just seemed weird about it in Divine Appointments. The moral point of this story is good - it demonstrates what a person can become without friends, love, closeness with others, etc. Josie begins to realize how lonely, loveless and out of place she feels in her live. She begins to realize that other things are more important that the things she has always placed first. I love to read and this book was a good book but I just could not get fully into the story and was left feeling like the author did not go as far into depth with the character development as perhaps she could have.

NOTE: I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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