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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thankful & Thoughtful Tuesday

Thankful - I'm thankful for healthy, happy, intelligent, loving and fun children.  They have both grown into wonderful young ladies that I'm proud of to say the least.  They always do their best no matter what - with school, money making endeavors (a $64 lemonade stand is pretty good), family issues (unfortunately they have to understand a lot of drama at their age), friends, etc.  They also love unconditionally.

Cassie is on the verge of becoming a teenager and is almost as tall as I am now.  She has tons of friends, never meets a stranger and just loves life.  Things have happened to her lately that actually have hurt my feelings more than hers and I am finding out that she has grown into quite a resilient young lady.   Resilience is a wonderful thing for a girl to have in today's world - because the world is hard and I've found that girls are mean.  Boys fight but they are playing again in five minutes.  Girls fight, it festers, they tell other girls and they are still fighting two months later.  That gossip thing is a killer!

Bailee has always been resilient - things roll off of her easily.  She never tells me anything - if she does it is in a very matter of fact way without drama.  Her main drama is her big sister Cassie - you all know how sisters can be LOL.  I've joked that Bailee is like a little old woman in a little girl's body - she is a child but she has a very grownup soul.  She has friends but her friends don't consume all of her life. She plays with everyone and gets along with everyone.  She has also come out of her shell this year.  Her teacher this year was also Cassie's fourth grade teacher.  At the last parent teacher conference she told me two things about Bailee that made me laugh but one really surprised  me.  (1)  Bailee always sits by her at lunch and without fail, always eats dessert first.  (2)  She said that Bailee actually talks more than Cassie did in the 4th grade. 

Parents can learn a lot from their children.  From Cassie I've learned to just have fun and let things go.  I have had some things happen to me within the last few years that have hurt me to the core.  But I've let go of the hurtful feelings and moved on - to friends and family who truly love me for me.  There is no constant comparison or competition or gossip.  Just love, understanding and peace - something I've needed for a long time.

From Bailee I've learned to eat dessert first.  I put myself first now - I eat right, I exercise, I've gained control of my health, I do things I love more, and yes - I eat dessert first sometimes. 

What about you...............what have you learned from your children?

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