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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday

This week is a holiday week and my internal clock is messed up.  You'd think I thought today was Wednesday but it seems like Friday LOL.  Well - another short Three Things for today.

1.  Bad things happen in threes - isn't that what they say?  Well I'm up to two so hopefully that superstition won't complete itself!  Took car to be serviced and asked about a warning light that comes on.  Google searches said simple things like brake pads slightly low, sensor messed up, etc.  Not for me - brake fluid leaking into master cylinder for a while that had corroded the sensor and rubber gaskets.  Cost much more than an oil change and tire rotation.

2.  Sunday, while trying to wash clothes in preparation for the week and for Cassie heading out to camp, the washer broke.  No biggie - Jeff fixed it for 60 cents Monday morning and I washed about five loads of clothes.  Then, Tuesday evening while he was washing clothes it started making a noise and when he opened the washroom door, the smoke came out into his face.  We had to turn on box fans to blow it out of the house and we were glad we were home because it would have burned down our house.  The transmission burned up so last night I bought a new washer.

3.  Okay - so it is amazing what entertains a wife with a new appliance.  My new LG top loading washer has a see -through lid and no agitator.  LOVE It.  BUT - I just had to watch it wash the first load of clothes LOL.  Amazing............if you have a newer washer you totally understand.  If not, then you'll just to wait until you buy a new washer..........or come visit me :-) oldest comes home tomorrow.  I have missed her lively personality all week and can't wait to see her.  So glad she had had fun though.  This weekend is Bailee's ballet recital so we are tied up until late Saturday evening..........rehearsals, performance, etc.  Come see them - Pearl Upper Elementary Saturday at 4:00 pm - Cross-Tied Ministries Annual Ballet Performance.

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