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Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday - Going Backwards!

Time - it's flying and it's flying FAST !!  I do not consider myself old and I feel that life is less than half over for me.  However, it's amazing how far we have come since the 70s and 80s.  Last night I began listing things that I know from my youth that my children have never heard of.........feel free to comment and add to this list!!

1.  Rotary phones with a cord that are actually attached to the wall in some way!
2.  Party lines - we had one for years and we shared with a couple of old ladies.  I have never liked being on the phone a lot but inevitably one of them would want the line when I WAS using it.  One would interrupt and ask you to get off and the other lady would pick up and hang up repetitively until you got off!
3.  Televisions without a remote.  The TURN dial - and you had to get up to change the station.
4.  Rabbit ears - no cable, no dish!
5.  Radios with a turn dial - no digital, iPhone stations, etc.
5.  8 Track Tapes - one thing I do NOT miss.  LOL
6.  35 mm and 12 mm cameras!  FILM!!  You had to wait for your pictures!
7.  DOS - the black and green screen.  No Apple, no Windows.
8.  Shorter menus at fast food restaurants with no "combo" meals and no "upsizing".
9.  The only donuts  you could get were from the local bakery - not Dunkin or Krispy Kreme.
10.  Standard transmissions - I actually miss them.  I loved driving one!  My kids will never know what that is :-(
11.  Going to the library - because you didn't buy books or have a Kindle or iPAD reader.
12.  Only two movies at the theatre - versus 10-15 to choose from.
13.  Home Economics being taught in the schools.  Now girls can't cook or sew unless their mamas or grandmas teach them.
14.  Everyone having a garden - it's slowly coming back a little but most people buy frozen foods or canned.  Yuck!!
15.  Shelling your own beans or peas - even if you go to the farmer's market, they are shelled for you.
16.  People dressing up for church - this has almost completely disappeared and it's a shame what some people wear to worship God.
17.  A lawnmower you push!  Yes you can get these - but people so often get a riding mower or a self propel.  It would be a shame to actually work to mow the lawn.
18.  No air conditioning.  Now we think we are dying if we don't have one and we are because we are no longer used to the heat.
19.  A clothesline.  I love to smell the clothes after they have been hung outside.  Now your neighbors FREAK if you want one or have one - even if it is allowed in you area.
20.  Sidewalks - so many neighborhoods don't have one.  You risk your life to walk, run, ride a bike or just to visit the neighbor - if you even bother visiting them to begin with.
21.  Using the oven to reheat your food.  Yes we got a microwave when I was 12 but it was HUGE and had a turn dial.
22.  Families actually sitting down together for a meal - my kids DO  know this because I insist on it, but so many do not.  They eat on the run - headed to soccer, softball, dance, work, etc.  It is okay to be home and to be together!!
23.  AM radio stations with a few FM stations too.  No one listens to AM anymore and FM has been overcome by satellite radio or iTunes.
24.  Washing your own car - it's fun to get wet and soapy!
25.  Board games and physical games outside - not Wii, XBox, iPods, iPADs, etc.  Games where you actually talk and interact with each other, not to mention getting some exercise and fresh air.  We also do this at my house still.  TV OFF - go outside.  Or - TV OFF - come play a game with me.

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Wanda said...

I can't believe I forgot Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers, Electric Company, Zoom and Romper Room!!


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