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I am a mother who works full-time but who is also a chauffer, chef, seamstress, fitness instructor, teacher, maid, gardener, runner, organization expert, salesperson, secretary and wife. I love my family and life is always busy but fun! Come along with me for the ride:-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

Not much time today so it's a THANKFUL Thursday instead of Three Things Thursday.  I'm thankful for many things today.  As a friend is dealing with her son's health issues (brain tumor) and another friend still mourns the loss of a child to cancer last month, I am thankful that my children are healthy and happy and that we've not had any major medical issues.  I am thankful that I have a wonderful job when others have been laid off and can't find a decent paying job so they are struggling to pay the bills and provide for their families.  I'm thankful that I have spiritual, faithful people in my life who inspire me to remain faithful and grow closer to God.  I'm thankful that I am friends with my husband and that I'm not "just married to him" because so many are married but do not feel close to their spouse or feel loved.  I'm thankful for the freedoms we have in America - freedom of religion, freedom of speech (although sometimes you aren't allowed to voice your opinion about some things without causing a riot - just as the CEO of Chick-Fil-A), freedom to live and work where I want, freedom to vote and choose our country's leaders, etc.  I am thankful that God sent his Son to die on the cross for MY sins so that I can be saved and live in Heaven with him one day.  Today-------I'm just feeling thankful in general :-)

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