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Friday, August 10, 2012

Three Things Thursday!

1.  School started this week (see new picture from 1st day of school)!  I am glad for a structured routine and I think the girls are glad as well because of boredom and missing friends, although they played with friends in the neighborhood all summer.  Cassie is in 7th and Bailee is in 5th.  For Cassie, 7th grade means she is officially in Junior High.  She has a full schedule - Social Studies (Eastern Hemisphere), Science, Pre-Algebra (her coach is her teacher so she loves this), Cheer, Office Worker (second elective choice but she's good with it LOL), ICT1 (computers) and Pre AP-English.  She is really excited about the English - she got the "teacher everyone wants".  Bailee seems to have two great teachers and a neighborhood friend is in her class.  She is excited about Venture (gifted program) because the teacher is fun and the field trip will be a week at Space Camp in Huntsville (unless something changes).  This time of year mkes me wish I were back in school - new clothes, new school supplies, new friends, new teachers..........can I be a kid again for one year??

2.  Running - well I dumped the Couch 2 5K program a week ago.  Each time I try it, I get to week five and struggle because my endurance doesn't build up.  Maybe it works for some but not for me!  I am now following a different plan that I found.  Basically I go the distance it says - and I run as much as I can with walking breaks only as needed.  I have already improved in endurance and knocked several minutes off my three mile runs.  Today I was late getting to the gym so I didn't complete my three mile run so I will go back tonight to finish my training run time and also do some weights.  Saturday will be my first true test because the Saturday runs get longer each week.  FWIW - I do have a goal that I'm working towards but for now it's only known by me and the one place I have it written down :-)

3.  Have you watched the Olympics this year?  We have and have been loving it.  So many of the athletes are so inspiring and I think it is good for anyone (especially our youth) to see that anyone, even with life struggles and hard lives, can set a goal, work hard towards that goal and make their dreams come true one day.  If you have children, this is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about not giving up, about believing in yourself and about how hard work can and will pay off if you keep at whatever it is that you're working towards.  A good less for adults too :-)

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